Questions and Answers

Who are Turfers?

Anybody who is using YoTurf is Turfers.

What does Turfing mean?

Turfing is nothing but connecting with unknown people on YoTurf.

Is YoTurf a dating App?

It's not, but you never know, You could find your soul mate here!

How do I UnTurf (unfriend/block) a Turfer?

Simply select the Turfer, swipe to the left and click on the connection button.

What happens when my GPS is turned off?

Ideally, your GPS should be turned on as it increases the prospect of finding Turfers. But in case your GPS turned off, you'll be able to see contacts who might or might not be in your immediate vicinity.

How do I turn on my GPS?

Settings > Privacy > Turn on Location Services

How do I share items?

Click on the Share panel on the top left icon, post your links/images and click submit.

My location is showing something different from my actual location

Make sure your Location Services and internet services are active. If you're still facing difficulties, mail us at

How to set my GPS proximity?

My Account > Settings > Proximity

How to create personalized interest?

Interests > Add interest > Create interest (Your interest will be approved in less than 24 hours)

How to advertise on YoTurf?

You can mail us at